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We are textile enthusiasts

Here are 190 enthusiasts beaming with inspiration, with the ambition to set new standards in quality, creativity and service. We are Rohleder, the Hitex manufacture, founded in 1946 in Konradsreuth, Upper Franconia in Germany – a fertile location for the development of our innovative products. Rohleder manufactures sophisticated upholstery and furnishing fabrics of the highest quality in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns, implementing specialist knowledge of the highest level. This has earned us a place amongst the most modern and successful weaving mills in Europe.

Creative design meets high-quality

Our outstanding fabrics can be found in the collections of all the renowned Editeurs, furnishing fabric wholesalers and furniture manufacturers. An export rate of 45% for trade with Europe, the United States and Asia underlines the global nature of our business. We utilise looms, adapted to our specifications, to achieve complex weaving processes. A great variety of fabrics and types of weave define our main areas of expertise. Be it velvets or epinglé, furnishings or flat wovens, dobby or jacquard – Rohleder offers a seemingly unlimited choice of materials, textures, colours and patterns. Interiors come to life with our fabrics. They generate ambience – purist, elegant, comforting, and indulging.

Our passion for good design

In co-operation with a world-wide network of free-lance designers, our 12-strong design team works passionately on the development of new textile creations. Their ambition is to create unique fabrics, as yet unknown and unchartered. Innovation and boundless drive are characteristic of our creative process. Our ambitious concept to focus on a diversity of styles, has made us the leading manufacturer of high-quality, design-based upholstery fabrics in Europe.

Meet Rohleder

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We care

Reasons why you can rest assured with our products – Rohleder’s dedication to environmental sustainability Rohleder is committed to careful handling of the earth’s resources. Our aim is the conservation of an intact ecosystem. This does not only require us to be considerate of minimal energy consumption, but also to always show the highest possible consideration for air, environment and climate during production. We have been most conscious in setting high standards for an ecologically responsible manufacturing process. These standards apply to us, as well as, our suppliers. We, furthermore, support ecological friendliness by choosing natural materials on the one hand and synthetic fibers on the other. We strictly monitor the compliance with our environmental code. Only through our total commitment can we ensure a proactive and sustainable contribution towards conservation of the environment and the climate.